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Last night I stayed up late playing poker with Tarot Cards. I got a full house, and four people died. - Steven Wright

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World/National and Local/Regional News Updated: July 23, 2013. Visit our new online store!
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    DSP Announces:

    see local news-updates
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    DSP introduces POKER Now

    Events Today and Tomorrow in Western and Central New York and Pennsylvania at

  • Regional Bad Beat Jackpots
    as of Tuesday Sept 17, 2013 include:

    Seneca Niagara now over $39,000!
    Seneca Salamanca now over
    Turning Stone now
    Presque Isle now over

    Visit our Live Page to check out the Daily Tournament Schedules at any of these great Poker Rooms: Turning Stone, Seneca Poker Rooms, Presque Isle (reduced hours)...

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    First Buffalo Pub Poker, and Now Rochester Pub Poker!
    Great local events for FREE!

    Visit their website for schedule and locations.

  • Both Cardsharks and Donks are invited to a weekly low stakes, No limit hold'em, ring game on Monday and Thursday nights in the Buffalo suburban area. It is generally a group of friends, regular players, who gather together, hire a dealer for the night, and play poker. Cards fly around 9:30 p.m., and finish by 4 a.m. Venues change from time to time. Food and drink is provided, and it is by invitation only. If you want an invitation, please contact us, and we will pass you along to that group.

    Been traveling? Trying different rooms, different tournament series or events? Share your thoughts.
    Please post reviews @ DSP Facebook

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Thanks to Bluff Magazine for support and encouragement here at DSP.

They are our source for up to date information in the poker world. We cover S. Ontario, Western and Central New York, and Pennsylvania. They cover the rest of the world of poker!
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Updated Weekly/May 20, 2013
From Bluff Magazine
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Updated Weekly/May 20, 2013
Regional and DSP News and get the latest at Facebook page.

New weekly, monthly and annual schedule at Seneca Niagara. Major changes in tournaments.
Progressive High Hand prize pool.
Cardshark and Donks Expands

Other News (from Ante Up, Cardplayer, etc.)
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