Slay Donkeys for Profitable Poker

Our Mission

We are passionate about poker. We are a grassroots organization of poker players, starting in Western and Central New York, but now extending across the US and Canada.

Our mission is to provide you with information and tools to find you the right game, increase your skill and make poker more enjoyable.

The Donkey Slayer is the poker “grinder” who capitalizes on every opportunity. Through our website, DONKEYSLAYERPOKER.COM we provide poker enthusiasts of varying skill levels tools and information to become Donkey Slayers.

Do you have what it takes? JOIN US and find out.
Why Join?

We help you, the potential Donkey Slayer to obtain the most out of your poker opportunities. We offer the following:
  • Make Money- Build you bankroll while you sleep. (team leader positions coming)
  • Play Poker- Find the best poker action accessible to you.
  • Play Better- Educate yourself through our online resources.
  • League Manager- Manage your home and recreational leagues.
  • Join the Team- We're growing, what team do you want to be a part of?
  • Events- Be in the know about special tournaments and events.
  • Blogs- In depth insight from's creators, special guests and pros.

At Donkey Slayer Poker, we want to help you to change the bad beat stories to success stories. As a Donkey Slayer, you will celebrate battles fought, and campaigns won. You will leave the Donkeys dazed and confused. Soon the Donkeys will be felted, taking the walk of shame. You will receive great honor, prizes, rewards, by faring well in battle.


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