Slay Donkeys for Profitable Poker


Sure, there are poker phenoms out there who have never read about strategy. But unless you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours crafting your skill, we feel these poker magazines can help you.
  • Buff Magazine We know the people at Bluff very well. The magazine is quite good: articles highlighting the personalities, covering the events, with good graphics. Entertaining and informative.
  • Card Player Card Player has solid coverage of events and some very good contributors.
  • Poker Player Newspaper Mike Caro's bi weekly presentation, and the other solid contributors, make this a good read.
  • All In A newer presentation, still finding itself, but worthwhile for it's improving articles and interviews. Gus Hansen, Vanessa Rousso, and a Durr interview are recent offerings.
Look for Bluff magazines distributed at many DSP events and leagues.
Tools & Apps

We like the following iphone and online apps:
  • - Includes poker odds teacher, poker cruncher, odds quizzer, etc.
  • Blind Valet - Tool will help you build a structure for your game. Learn how to determine when your tournament will end.
  • Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator – Are you still tilting over the beat a donkey gave you? Use this tool to figure out how far you were ahead mathematically.

Posters & Art

Rec Room walls are not complete without appropriate posters and art. Dress it up with a poker theme from

visit or

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Skyline Pictures has a huge stock, a great variety of sports posters, city skylines, motivational posters, movie and pop star icons: You name it and they have it!
Poker Players Alliance

Poker Players Alliance – Learn how you can help promote and protect America's Card game. PPA will protect your right to play. Let your voice be heard, both in Washington, D.C., and your state capitol.